Fill out the online form or call 07476 406699 to arrange a date for the clothing collection. We will send your school or organisation some promotional tips & leaflets.​

Please note that The Little Recyclers is a project for schools and organisations. If you wish to individually donate clothes from your home, visit redonate.uk.

We will pay 55p for every kg you donate. It’s £550 for a tonne! We also have various rewards for every 1000 kg donated.

Completely no, all costs on us!

Please click here to find out what items we accept and what we don’t.

We are flexible with the collection date so please get in touch with us to arrange the collection day.

Around 95% of the collected clothes are reused, upcycled, or recycled. Half is reusable, half is recyclable. Firstly, it is sorted and graded by the garment composition, condition, quality, and other parameters. Reusable clothes are resold to second-hand shops & boutiques. The lower grades are turned into rags and then used for industrial purposes like stuffing, insulation, etc. Because of the complex mix of materials found in garments, textile waste is one of the most challenging wastes to recycle!

Contact us to find out if we can cover your area. We are always seeking to offer our programme in more areas!

Yes! With your permission, we can donate the amount raised to a charity of your choice on your behalf.

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